My appeal

File No: 86409                                                                                         Sept,29 2017

Robert Peterman                                                                Applicants

Glen Warren                                                                      Respondent

Tab B Para 12

Glen said his dog Seven  is 3.5 years old

Seven is a full grown Australian Cattle Dog

They make excellent guard dogs

Glen attach a copy of Seven's most recent report from Dog Play

Puppy report 

This is not Glen's dog Seven , This is a cute little puppy

If you read the last line on the report card [We love little seven ]

Glen ask if he could have a small garden in the back I said yes a small garden

I did not tell Glen he could erect three outdoor buildings, greenhouses and a fire pit

Plus I did not say Glen could takes up all of 104,105,and most of 106 lawn plus

the side yard was put in because Glen does not want people coming threw his garden

To take out their garage or going to the back alley or

Me taking the lawnmore to the front yard

Glen now is trying to say the garden is Andrea in 105 garden

If you look at the pictures you will see it was all build by Glen

Glen is saying that he helps everyone with their gardens

106 and 107 will call the police on Glen if he trys to put a garden in their yard

Glen's dog Seven bit 106 on the foot it's in the letter

Glen try to kill 107 house guess with a pick ax because he walked on the grass

In Vancouver you need building permits to build anything outside here

The buildings were build when I am away with no building permits

The judge said the fire inspection reports that do not refer directly to the area outside of the tenant's

residence .one report submitted was dated prior to the start of this tenant's residence

The fire exit and fire pit comes under the fire code it's the law for everyone

The fire code has been the same for 60 years

On the back of the notice of violation form it reads under General

No general storage in underground parking ,electrical rooms, or funace rooms

If you look at the pictures you will see the basement full of Glen's junk


This code is for every building and person in BC.

It does not matter if you just moved in or not It's all the same code for everyone

The codes do not change when a new tenant moves in like the judge said

The fire code states their has to be a clear 4 ft. walkway from the exit to the alley

If you look at the pictures you will see

Back yard

The fire exit has a maze that was build in front of it,  It was build on 106 land 

Glen put trees and a motorcycle on the other side of the fire exit by the garage bin

Glen has been told over and over again

By the fire department and the city

You cannot have a barbecue ,fire pit,fireplace or Heater on the grass in the alley

You can only have one on your balconies

The police have told Glen

You cannot sit outside every night on the grass and drink

It's against the law in Vancouver to drink outside on the grass

The tenant's assistant testified that people come to the tenant's garden

There is people here every night when it's not raining hard or snowing

They just sit around and drink play music and talk

I told the judge This is one big reason why this has to stop to many people

It's to loud and to many fights

Page 43
Said I feel safe having Glen policing the street

Page 44
Said I feel that my car is safer as Glen keeps questionable hardassess away

When you read my evidence you will read

Glen uses a pick axe and shovel against two people and the dog against one

The judge said the only evidence with respect to the allegedly bothersome dog

are dated 2-3 years ago  

She did not read the letters


If you read the letters you will see they are dated

Sept. 10/16 ,Sept.8 /17, Sept 2017, Sept 10 /17, Sept 11 /17 May. 4/2016

The letter Regarding the Tenant in apt. 104 and his dog
On July 30/ 2017 at 5:30 pm and August 7,2017 at 6:57 pm

The City case File No: there are two files two Dogs

apt. 104 -10158283 and apt 105 -10158750

The judge did not read the letter or check the file no: 837517 or case no: VA15-138415

Apt 302 Derek J Mullan Queen's Counsel since 1989 took me to court

The Son told the court that Glen in apt 104 and Andrea in apt 105 every night would sit outside on the curb in the street and drink and would yell and scream obscenities at them in their apt on the third floor 

One night they started to throw stones at there balcony on the third floor

They called the police on them  when the police did not arrest them

Glen and Andrea called the police claiming the son was beating up his girlfriend

Glen ran away and Andrea was to drunk to run she was arrested

Glen then cut the washing machine cords and they stole 302 clothing

This was 10-11 o'clock at night not what Glen is saying

 This is a court file no: 837517    Police case no: VA15-138415

The judge did not talk about the check Glen gave me for rent June 1/2017

Glens rent is $880.00 and he gave me $646.00


All he would tell me is I've been here 5 years I can buy what I want

Glen and his girlfriend Andrea in apt 105 in their statment said they talk to me first

That's impossable  I'm only the manager

 I can not tell Glen or anyone to buy anything

I've been here about 20 years I'm free to do what I want no one tells me what to do

If I need something for the Apt ,I have to phone the Bookkeeper 

The Bookeeper drives me to the store and I  buy what I need
The Bookeeper pays for it

I can not tell Glen to go and buy anything only the bookkeeper can

When Glen wanted to fix his floor he had to ask the bookkeeper

The bookkeeper ask me if it was ok ,

The bookkeeper then made a deal with Glen

Glen fixed his own floor and the bookeeper paid him

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